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Subject:you take the high road and i'll take the low, and i'll be in scotland afore ye...
Time:12:02 pm
i am in scotland...i have been trekking over mountains and through woodlands and moorlands and growing a new set of clean and innocent lungs and taking in the purity and the overwhelmingness of the views...letting it all wash over me...enjoying the company of the joyous scottish people who seem to have worked out how to live...reaaalllly live...beer and countryside and walking and music and animals and fireplaces and biting humour and a fantastically sexy accent...it makes me proud to be half scottish or a third scottish or whatever i am...

on my way here i had a few hours to wait at Charles de Gaulle airport in paris and i placed myself on a bench and stared at the huge destinations board with glee and excitement...Marrakech...Lisbon...Rome...Venice...Amsterdam...New York...Rio...Prague...Oslo...Barcelona...St Petersburg...Tunis...Budapest...Dublin...Edinburgh (THAT WAS MY FLIGHT!!!)...Berlin...Kathmandu...Moscow...Dubai...Istanbul....................it was quite fucking something...i wanted to explode myself into millions of little pieces and send myself off around the world on each of those flights to experience it all...

i am going to glasgow tomorrow stay with my art student cousin there for a few days and to let the sordid and sooty and underground and overwhelming glaswegian way of life get into my soul...and then edinburgh for a night and then back to paris-lille-uni-exams-french-people-springtime...

back to oz for holidays on the 11th july...indeed...

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Time:01:26 pm
salut mes poules

haven't posted in a right long time, felt that I should...though I'm not sure quite why because it's not as if I have a helluva lot of new stuff to reveal to those who actually read this...except Ashley I guess, but other than that, you all know the deal...school and france and 18 years old and some new friends and drum+bass evenings in the company of said friends and damo and a boy and then no boy and then school and exams and good marks and homesickness and cold and clubbing in Belgium and more school and SOON FRAN!!! SO SO SOON!!!

so yes...I have a "group" of friends if you will, from uni, consisting mainly of the follwing:
- Anne, with blonde hair, who speaks great english and is going out with a medecine student called Zac who is studying in Belgium and who is the absolute SHIT...as is Anne...they take me for who I am...I like them for that very reason...(amongst other reasons)
- Emilie, a drum+bass fiend, raver of sorts, generally just cool and chilled and lives just round the corner from me and is accepting and tolerant and dances so so well it's depressing and is going out with Martin...
- Martin (same one as above) is a stunning young lad of moroccan/italian origins, amazingly intelligent, political, philosophical, revolutionary, visionary, humorous and all-round quite impressive...indeed...I do my best not to jump him, I think that would cause a few problems...he has a very interesting past, chockablock with awesome experiences about which I am hearing a little more everyday...it's like a novel unfurling day by day...which is exciting...I look forward to story time :)
- Julien, is a 23 year old reggae-guru, who LIKES THE CAT EMPIRE and knew them before I got here which I found cool and who is not going really anywhere in particular in life except...to concerts...which is very far from being a bad thing...
- Quentin, rocker in the purest sense of the word, yet who writes the most intelligent and poetic lyrics and is generally just a golden heart of gold, made out of gold, and filled with gold, all encased in gold...
- Anne, with brown hair, also a heart of gold, dresses awesomely, keeps the whole group nicely stocked up with drugs of choice, has laughing fits at random moments followed by periods of complete calm and chilled-outedness...is a sweetheart

There is Charlotte also, but I tend to hang out with her seperately, she doesn't "move in the same circle" if you will, but she is still a buddy, given that she is a French Kate on so many levels...
So there you have it, I spend most of my free time during the day with a varying combination of any of those people, which is fun fun, but doesn't in anyway imitate the feelings of comfort and general completion that I get when I used to be with other people who shall remain nameless and without names...because it is unnecessary to name people who need not be named...indeed...but these people make me feel accepted and wanted and as if there is a point to being here other than the simple one of "gettin' smarter"...which is necessary for my sanity...and they are also helping me to discover a more "underground" side of Lille, which I didn't think could get much better...apparently it CAN...

so I could spend all day talking about stuff and things but it would be unnecessary I think...as well as expensive...

time for general philosophy with the beautiful M. Keck who makes Descartes and his methodical method of doubt seem oh so much brighter...

xo my love to ALL

p.s. you guys looked HOT at the formal...ohhhh yeh :)
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Subject:smelling nice will get me sex.......hmmmm
Time:05:49 am

i bought a new bottle of dior addict, the perfume i used to wear once upon a time and haven't in ages...

this purchase was made for 2 reasons:

a) it's raining and i feel like SHIT and wanted to cheer up and be reminded of home and friends
b) i am putting all my energy into getting Led Zeppelin man into bed and i figure smelling nice should help... (i'm not REALLY putting all my energy into trying......just a PORTION of my energy....)


god i'm pathetic AND predictable...isn't that why you love me though???!!!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxox bisous times one trillion
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Current Music:typing and french and stuff like that
Subject:it's TIMETABLE TIME!!!!
Time:03:04 pm
Current Mood:okayokay
woooh yeh :)

now that i have a phone and am somewhat easily contactable and such like, it requires the giving of information regarding my weekly hours of school-ness and home-ness...it's what moist people call a TIMETABLE....MOIST!!!i wrote MOIST by accident!!!!i meant MOST but the I and the S key are so close to each other on french keyboard...ahahaha but i wrote MOIST!! that is humourous in itself...indeed...ok people thinking i'm odd for laughing outloud...keep staring people, keeeeep staring, i won't be here much longer...

so here it is, the timetable that regiments kate's life: (all times are in french time btw)

Monday: class from 10 until 5:30, with a break in the middle, but i won't be home
Tuesday: class from 9 until 1:30
Wednesday: class from 10:30 till 7.....i hate wednesdays
Thursday: class from 10 till 12 with a HOT and BRILLIANT philosophy man...i love thursdays...:)
Friday: class from 10 till 4, break in the middle, but again i won't be home

SO that's THAT, keep in mind that i have to leave 25 minutes before class to take the metro and also won't be home till 25/30 minutes after class ends for the same reason

ok so i love you all
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Time:02:13 pm
quick message

have phone in own house


number = (+33) 03 20 87 99 05


mum left yesterday

caused alot of pain

also many a tear

wish she was back here

wish i wasn't alone here

wish i was in australia

sent a cd of 400 photos with maman for you guys :)

school starts monday......

angie will be here on friday

which causes me joy

am eating soup with baguette for dinner tonight

by myself.........

missing you all like helllllllll

tonnes of love

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Subject:ahoy hon hon hon
Time:05:15 pm
this shall be a quickie acos the net cafe is full and there are angry french people standing around breathing down my neck and looking as though if i don't hurry up they will use their baguettes as sabres...

on that note, i wish to add to the message i sent you guys today about the SWORDS at the local market and say that not only were they swords, but they were ORNATE swords and they came with a plastic sieve.....................possibly to catch your victim's guts and gizzards after you have removed their limbs and other vital elements????i didn't want to ask...the man was scary....

i bought a wheely baggy thingy for 15€ that will be much useful for my every-weekend jetsetting around europe...ha yeh...well, ACTUALLY, on that note, i just got my first email from DAMO!!!!!since he has been at prepa, all is well, and he is going to be in paris on sunday, and lo-and-behold, mum and i had planned to visit friends in paris this w/e so i am going to meet up with him and yay that will make me feel better....

things have been a bit....tough...i feel very far away from everything i love, desperatly wanting to see the australian sun and sky (although i hear that is not so easy right now, but yay for filling up the dams!!!)and the people i love beneath it.....i am sad but i will get over it, and before i know it, it will be december, and i won't be alone anymore in europe and yay for that!!! it is just a case of sticking it out these next few tough months...pain and sadness is supposedly character building, so i am gonna have a hercules character after this, i tell you what...

in other quick news, i have a meeting with the bank man thingo to open my bank account on thursday at 10 and he laughs exactly like Mr Bean and it took all my might and inner strength not to laugh uncontrollably at him when i spoke to him today BUT HEY, i have been brought up well, and i limited myself to snorting loudly and excusing myself....mummy and daddy would be proud :)

much much much large amounts of love and kisses and care and thought to you all


p.s. fran charlie helen you shall each be recieving a telephonic call from me in the next week so please stay home and sit by your phones and wait patiently like good kids :)
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Current Music:general merriment + coffee drinking from the room next door
Subject:HI :D
Time:10:16 pm
Current Mood:draineddrained
hi guyth!!

just a quick message to say hi hi, to let you know that i'm thinking of you all constantly and hope that all is well back home

I am in belgium staying with friends of family for the weekend...Belgium is......not as good as Lille! cos Lille is the bestest place in the universe ever ever :)ooohhh yeh! i did my uni administration this morning before leaving, which means i am officially enrolled and have a student card and all that official jazz...which is jazzy...and snazzy...and stuff...:)

I am planning to visit the "Café Oz" soon, which is, as you may have guessed from the obvious name, an aussie bar in the old town of Lille that employs only aussies and new zealanders (although I am planning ALSO on telling them that just because Oz and NZ are close, DOES NOT mean they are the same...it's a bit like grouping canadian/americans together...and belgians/french...closeness doth not equal equality)...so I shall make myself known there and maybe get some form of employment further down the track...or at least just get pissed with some fellow ockers...either or, you know...

i have a cold...what's more a FRENCH cold, which means that my body isn't at all immune to it, which meeaaannss therefore that my nose is permanently running and it is starting to make me seriously consider the option of taking a pickaxe to it (my nose that is)...perhaps i shall refrain, at least until i get back to Lille...I wouldn't want to make a mess as a guest in Belgium...that wouldn't do at all...

miss you lots

love you more

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Subject:a fond farewell
Time:10:08 pm
Current Mood:nostalgicnostalgic
and so another chapter ends

this is the last time I will post from my good old country of birth that has treated me so well

I will miss many a thing, many a person, but I have accepted this as something positive for myself and for my life

I am scared

and sad

but I know (thanks to listening to the wisdom of so many knowledgeable people) that it is not the end, but merely the beginning

I will miss my girls enormously...fran, helen, charlie and angie...take care of yourselves

....what purpose does the big wide world have, if it is not to be sampled by us?

much much love until I next speak to you all

your kate
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Subject:too many food questions...
Time:09:10 pm
Spell your first name back wards]: etak...
[The story behind your msn name]: "buckle me in on the highway of sin" tis a lyric from The Watchmen from a song that I likes alot alot
[Where do you live]: ACT
[3 words that sum you up]: euh...too hard to "sum-up"...unnecessary also

[personality]: euh...unique! go me!

[Wallet]: OOOHHH funny you should ask, I bought a new one JUST today for the first time in like 3 years...what a coincidink! so my new and improved wallet is red leather with black and white and brown elephants all ooover it...

[Hairbrush]: nein, no need whatsoever

[Jewelry worn daily]: ID bracelet with "you are stellar" engraved...fishy neon bracelet from fran...starry neon bracelet from helen...buddhist mantra metal cuff...tragus ring/stud with UV blue ball thingy...some form of earrings

[Pillow cover]: I have 5 pillows...many a colour and style of case...

[Shoes]: duck feet birthday slippers

[CD in stereo right now]: Alpha Blondy, Apartheid is Nazism

[Piercing]: ears, and tragus

[What you are wearing now]: green pyjama pants, singlet, angie's jumper

[Hair]: red...orange i guess...in need of a cut...very much so...

[In my mouth]: icy pole stick mmm strawberry frozen yoghurt on a stiiicckk

[In my head]: thoughts of JC

[After this]: going to watch the Dream with Roy and HG...best part of the olympics...so so sarcastic...so so cynical

[Talking to]: no-one at all

[Eating]: just finished frozen yoghurt strawberry flavour of goodness

[Some of your favourite movies]: almost famous, the three eEskegs dvds, pirates, god i can never remember the films that i like, it's a real flaw of mine...i guess movies aren't really my thing though.

[Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month]: damnit that is a loaded question and a half...I AM looking forward to the exciting new things that I will be experiencing in the next month, but am seriously dreading not being able to experience them with a few people...real mixed feelings...of course I am excited but those feelings are number significantly by the pain of leaving... god damnit

[The last thing you ate?]: gah see mouth and eating questions above

[Something that you are deathly afraid of?]: falling off something high...having a loved-one get hurt or worse die

[Do you like candles]: euh yeh...do you?

[Do you believe in love]: yes yes

[Do you believe in soul mates]: i agree with my insightful baby sister, any two people can be soul mates, provided they both want that to happen and the circumstances present themselves...I seriously dont believe in fate or destiny, so I don't believe that two people are MADE for each other from birth...

[Do you believe in love at first sight?]: I believe in "shit he's hot I'd jump him" at first sight

[Do you believe in forgiveness]: of course, with the right people...

[If you could have any animal for a pet]: a puppy or a penguin

[What are 3 places you wouldn't mind relocating to]: gah...tasmania...scotland...cuba

[What are some of your favorite pig out foods?]: i don't do pig-out at all...never really have...OH! thats a lie! I can eat pistachios like there's no tomorrow, or like the pistachio farms are about to be burnt down...oooh I love them good

[What’s something you wish you could understand better?]: maths...

[Anyone you miss that you haven't seen in a long time?]: many a person many a person

[In the last 24 hours, have you:]

[Cried:] nein funnily enough

[Gotten sick:] no and hope I won't in the next 24 hrs mum dad and ange are infected

[Sang:] yeeesssss random do do do doooo kinda things it's fun to hum

[Eaten:] GOD damn the stupid eating questions I think we have established through many questions that I have just eaten a frozen strawberry yoghurt OKAY???

[Felt stupid:] not as such no

[Wanted to tell someone you loved them:] yes

[Met sum1 new:] noooo

[Talked to an ex?] don't really have any real proper exes to speak to...hahahaaa "nervous laugh*...bitter? who me? never!

[Missed an ex:] way to rub it in you stinky quiz

[Talked to someone you have a crush on:] nein

[Had a serious talk:] euh soooorrttta

[Hugged someone:] charlie AND helen AND fran....yay for three hugs

[Fought with your parents:] nope

[Dreamed about someone you can't be with:] euh...nope

[Would you rather be with friends or on a date:] friends

[Do you like being around people:] yah, 99% of the time

[Who have you known the longest:] Fran

[who do you argue the most with:] charlie probably

[Who do you always get along with:] i guess no-one, but that's cos all my friends have brains and have souls and aren't bland and boring, which means that we argue and disagree sometimes but that is what makes it what it is

[Who has the coolest siblings:] charlie, and Seb has his cool points too

[Who is the smartest:] equal smartness, many areas of knowledge, all different, always something to learn...just think of that eEskegs one-stop-shop...stocking philosophical arguments, computer graphics/animation programs, human body parts, and business advice...a recording studio/music shop/bar/club/political party one-stop-shop....ohhhh yeh :)
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Time:08:40 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
So we went to the Blue Mountains on Friday to see my grandma and my auntie and say goodbye and what-not...and it was nice and all, my grandma has just moved into this great little town-house style place in the Mountains and it has cool views and has a nature park rainforest just next to it, SO angie and I went exploring and it was quite the coolness...such a beautiful spot...I love the Blue Mountains...it's an area that really reminds me of my dear old friend Tasmania, yet without the bitter weather and rain...we took a mass amount of photos...and we found a bamboo tree...a massive one...which was reeeaaallllly coooooollllllll...I wish I knew how to post photos properly on LJ so you guys could see...I had no idea bamboo grew in that fashion...it was nuts...you can learn so much with a little bit of exploration and rainforest stomping...tops tiger!

HOWEVER...there was something which put a slight dampener on my day...my religious nutter auntie gave me a bible...but not just a simple everyday run-of-the-mill bible........a FRENCH bible...whey hey!!! WHY would she give me "Le Nouveau Testament" you may ask, when I so obviously speak the english language, and read it fairly well too...it is because she has tried to convert me through exposure to her faith...hasn't worked in the bloody slightest, I am still a blasphemous evil-doer in the eyes of Jesus and the rest of the world ...so this is a sort of "last resort"..."I KNOW!!!maybe if I give her the same old shit just wrapped up in the package of a language she obviously likes, she'll be converted and START TO BELIEVE!!!!!!"......no such fucking luck, I still think it's a load of propaganda money-making enslaving bullsheeeet, and STILL think the clergy is the most corrupt and dangerously disgusting institution on this earth...ah well, back to my old blasphemous ways :p

In other, much more interesting news, JC wrote me an email!!!! just a few words of encouragement for the next few weeks from a philosophical god, very very comforting to hear from him, we are going to meet up at some stage in the near future, BECAUSE, he is going to teach in.....*drumrollllllll*....LILLE!!! ooohhhhh yeh! yay for having a philosophical mentor, comforting friendly-face, and all-round excellent person in the same city!! it's great! woot! but yes, was zer gut to hear from him , he is a figure very close to my heart...

that's all for today folks, yay again for our mother finally turning 17!
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View:eeskegs. Australian Greens.
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